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Wetab Community Forum Rules

In addition to the terms and conditions we have set some rules to ensure a good climate forums. Our moderators use these rules as a basis for their work. In addition to the forum rules we're refering to the netiquette (http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Netiquette). Moderators will mark their changes in red and bold to ensure members know what happened.

1. New Topics (Threads)
Before you create a new Thread, make sure there isn't one for the same Topic. You can use the forums search function for that. Especially with technical issues, the search function already helps in many cases. Double posts on a topic in different forums will be deleted.

2. Incorrect assigned Threads
When opening a new thread, you should always ensure that you create it it the right forum. Threads in wrong forums
will be moved to the appropriate topic by a moderator.

The full citation of a post is, where possible, to avoid. Instead only the area of ​​a post to which the answer refers, should be cited. This improves the legibility of a topic.

4. Advertising and Promotion
Commercial advertising and promotion for products or websites are not allowed in the forums. Violations will be deleted without comment. In serious or repeated violations, the member is banned from the forum.

5. Links in the forum
Links in the forum should be used only for the given topic. Links that have no direct bearing on the topic, or serve as promotion for other sites will be deleted. If links lead to racist, pornographic or illegal content, the member will be warned or banned for repeated offenses.
Also URLs that lead to infected or spam sites and / or include their URLs may not be distributed and will be treated similarly.

6. Signatures
Each Member can setup a Signature. The following rules apply:
  • The size of the signature should not extend 3 lines. The Focus thould always be the posting and not the signature.
  • links to advertising or affiliate programs are not allowed.
  • Links to commercial sites are allowed, provided they are listed without an additional advertising message.
If you need an Exception of above rules, contact an administrator. Violators will be removed by an administrator / moderator and the member is informed of the reason. In case of repeated violation, an administrator / moderator will remove the Account.

7. Don't feed the Trolls!
Trolls are Forum Members who enjoy it, to bring discord in the forum or simply violate the netiquette in a rough way. These participants feel vindicated when others respond to their offensive posts. Therefore: Let those trolls alone. If the entire forum ignore the posts, the troublemakers lose the fun of posting and move on.

8. Privacy
For privacy reasons, private information like phone numbers, addresses or personal information are not to pass on the forums. If contacts arise during a diskusion, members should exchange the data via private messages or e-mail. Posts with personal information will be edited or deleted for privacy reasons.

9. Insults and profanity
Posts that an insult other members will be deleted and the member will receive a warning. In case of repeated violation, the member is banned from the forum. This rule also applies to profanity in your posts.

10. Forums abuse
Members who abuse the forum for jokes or unrelated posts, will be banned from the forum and the relevant posts deleted. The abuse also includes the registration with multiple accounts to artificially foment discussions or to conceal the (Board) identity in any other way.

11. Integration of images
Posts can always include pictures, if they have directly to do with the subject of the article and do not violate any rights of third parties. Pictures with pornographic or illegal content will be deleted. In case of repeated violation (involving a non-themed image) the Member is warned, or excluded from the forum.

12. Copy of foreign content
Posts that are in violation of the Copyright, will be deleted. This also includes posts which including the call for copyright infringement (eg by passing a download link of copyrighted material).

13. Editing and deleting posts
If you forgot a piece of information in a post, you should edit the post instead create a new one.
This greatly increases the readability of the topic. Each member can edit their posts at any time, but not delete it. Should it be necessary to delete an incorrect post, please tell this an administrator / moderator who then performs the deletion.

14. The "Report" button
Left below each post is the "Report" button. This allows you to report posts that violate the forum rules to the moderators / administrators. It may not used to send any other messages. Repeated abuse leads to a warning or in severe cases, to exclusion from the forum.
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