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The Feature Request Tool arrived!

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Geschrieben 01 Februar 2012 - 13:51 Uhr

Dear Community,

after a long preperation time, iam proud to present you the next achievement of the cooperation between WeTab Community and 4tiitoo: the Feature Request Tool.

The intention of this tool is, that 4tiitoo gets an idea, which features are most wanted by the WeTab users. Which helps them adding the feature realization to their roadmap.

How it works:
If you look at the top menu bar, you will notice the new item "Feature Tool". Default language is german, but you can switch to english in the bottom right corner.

Every logged in user can add features. New features are added to a moderationqueue, where we filter Spam and Fun entries. After our aproval, the feature is active and the community can vote for it. At the bottom of each feature, you find a thermometer, which shows how popular (hot) a feature is.

To let you know what happens with a particular feature, we have 2 more states to define: 1. realized, 2. unrealizable. Those states defined by 4tiitoo. If they implemented a feature it gets the realized state. If it's not possible for them to implement the feature, they set it to "unrealizable" and leave a comment as description for the decision.

Further Informationen:
1. The feature tool project is not only community driven. We worked closely with 4tiitoo. Even the initial idea for this project was from a 4tiitoo employee. So you can be sure, that 4tiitoo will be aboard, and check the featurelist.

2. Lucky spent much time programming this tool. (And the rest of the team much time finding bugs ;)). I want to thank everyone who's involved in this project for the work. However, most of you know, that small teams mostly not able to find all bugs. So if you find a bug, please leave us a note, that we can fix it.

3. This tool will not be used to report bugs in WeTabOS. This reports still be done within our forums, because we mostly discuss a bug and try to reproduce it with several users. And the tool is not able to handle such complex discussions.

Tips for a successful feature request:
1. Take your time. Lay back and think what you want, and then write it down.
2. Take care of orthography and your wording. You want that people understand you.
3. Describe your feature as detailed as needed and as precise as possible.
4. Stick to facts. Emotional wording doesn't help anyone.

The WeTab Community team and 4tiitoo is curious to see whats happening next. You have the chance to raise your voice to the ears of 4tiitoo. Please use it.
And iam curious to hear your opinions. What do you think about this project? So if you like, left an answer to this announcement and let me know.

Kind Regards,

André, and the WeTab Community Staffteam
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