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Touch Screen Glass not Working

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#1 kingsley



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Geschrieben 29 Dezember 2014 - 12:58 Uhr

Please Please! I need your help my wetab 32gb tablet screen touch is not working again, the tablet will boot on but i can not operate anything on it because the screen is not moving and apps on the screen can't press, pls. i need help on how to get another screen  touch glass, in other to fix it..


please anybody with info on how to fix it pls contact me on Email: kc4real83@yahoo.co.uk 


Thank you.

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#2 sirare



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Geschrieben 29 Dezember 2014 - 19:15 Uhr

You got 2 GB RAM in the Wetab, that means the wetab has opened.

You have to open it again and check the flatwire, it may be it doesnt sit correctly in the connector.

Be carefull if you open it,you could thorn the flatwire.

In the wiki (link above) you will find a video how to open it.

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